DCP Portable Fire Extinguisher
Class B Fire :  Petroleum, Oil, Paint, Varnish, Solvent
Class C Fire :  Flammable Gasses, Industrial Gasses 
Technical Specification
Capacity (Kg) 2, 4, 6 & 9
Anti-Corrosive Innibitor Epoxy polyester powder coating
Confirming IS code IS 15683
Type of Extinguisher Constant Pressure Type
Type of Extingushing Media Dry chemical Powder IS 4308
Expellant Pressurized with N2 gas
Minimum Effective Discharge (%) 85%
Discharge Time (Sec.) More then 13 Sec.
Hydraulic Test Pressure (Kgf/cm2) 35 (kgf/cm2)
Operating Position upright
Charged Pressure(kgf/cm2) 15
Operating Temperature Range © (-)20 to (+)55
Operating Valve Squeeze Grip Type with discharge