Carbon Di-oxide Portable Fire Extinguisher
Class B Fire :  Petroleum, Oil, Paint, Varnish, Solvent
Class C Fire :  Flammable Gasses, Industrial Gasses 
As well as electrical fires.
Technical Specification
Capacity (Kg) 2, 3 & 4.5
Confirming IS code IS 15683
Body Tested (Kgf/Cm2) 250 Kgf/cm2
Type of Extinguisher CO2 Type
Type of Extingushing Media Carbon Di-Oxide Gas
Minimum Effective Discharge (%) 95%
Discharge Time (Sec.) More then 13 Sec.
Minimum Throw (Mtr) Min. 1 Mtr
Operating Position upright
Operating Value (IS:3324) Wheel/Squeeze Grip Type
Operating Temperature Range0 © (-)20 to (+)55